APEX GLOBAL TRADING AND MARKETING (AGTM) ) is an online trading platform offering B2B, B2C and other commercial services worldwide.

It was founded in 2016.

It aims at facilitating commodity trading, improving data management, minimizing fraud and creating a comfortable business environment

AGTM improves the management of data by making it easier for buyers and sellers to get connected with each other, reduce the middleman chain, make data available to everyone for better judgment before purchase and sales, increase clients' comfort and security.

Using the current social trend and integrating it into the business field is our means of making trading easier and much more secure.

We wish you enjoy using our platform.


In this module of business, we guarantee trade in the following ways

  • We provide agents in every country, where they serve as day to day monitor of trade process, provide live feeds as videos, photos of entire process.
  • They also investigate both legal and existence wise of all parties involved, they serve as representatives to all parties involved and initiate sit down meetings.